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About Stewart Mango:

The morning of May 7, 2007 I just got back from being suspended for punching a guy in the face for calling me a "crazy bitch". As I sat in my high school history class still upset about the incident and how he got away with EVERYTHING, I decided to make myself feel better by drawing a comic mocking him. I kept this comic to myself, but as I looked at the character I drew in the comic, I decided to make a comic series of him, originally naming him 'Jon Mango'. I felt the name was too close to the guy, so I changed his first name to Stewart.
I kept drawing different comics and showed them to people including my family. Everyone seemed to like them so I decided to animate him using Photoshop CS3 and Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It wasn't much, but I just wanted to see if I could bring him to life.
As I played around with the programs more, I eventually made interviews and episodes. The students of Brick Memorial High School loved him, except for the guy I punched in the face. It was kind of ironic in a way, because when he told on me, no one did anything to repremand me, just like they never did anything to repremand him when I complained. I don't know if it was because it was my senior year, it was a karmatic force punishing him or they really like Stewart Mango. So after awhile he just dealt with Stewart Mango, just like I had to deal with his bullying.
That all being said, there was a dark time in my life where I gave up Stewart Mango it was in 2010 and I prefer not to go into detail about it. The only up side was that it gave me time to write Bricktown Beast and The Pearl of the Sea.
What got me back into Stewart Mango was you know those local community college things you get in the mail? Well, I got a list of adult courses in Ocean County College and one of the courses was a Adobe Flash CS5 course, my father always wanted me to learn Flash to 'make him rich' as he would joke to me. Well, I took his advice and went for it! After learning the basics, I decided to get right back into Stewart Mango and bring in a new character: Matt Sexton, who was orginally from Bricktown Beast.
Now that is about the history of Stewart Mango, now I hope to move onto bigger and better things!


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